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Оҥай марий йылме published: omj.mari-language.com

The Mari Web Project, Vienna, April 2017

After almost a decade of work, and after having published a preliminary version of the first half in 2010, we are happy to announce the publication of a complete version of our Mari textbook Оҥай марий йылме: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Mari Language. The finished book, covering 40 chapters on 771 pages, can be downloaded at omj.mari-language.com free of charge. In addition to having twice the content the previously published version had, this latest version also includes a thematic glossary allowing readers to look up linguistic terms, an exhaustive inventory of suffixes, and much more. Updated supplementary audio materials are provided as well.

Оҥай марий йылме (1)Оҥай марий йылме (2)

We have also created courses for the popular online learning tool Memrise, allowing learners to study and review the vocabulary contained in our textbook on their computers and mobile devices.

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Furthermore, a paradigm generator found at paradigm.mari-language.com allows learners to have complete paradigms generated of nouns, verbs, and postpositions of their choosing; the transliteration and transcription tools found at transcribe.mari-language.com allow learners to have texts transferred between different writing systems used for Mari.

This updated and vastly expanded release of our textbook is only the first of several publications we have planned for the foreseeable future: We are also currently working on a book titled 'Reading Hill Mari through Meadow Mari' (planned publication date ~ June 2017), an essential grammar for learners of Mari (planned publication date ~ October 2017), and a Hill Mari lexicon (planned publication date ~ December 2017) to supplement the Mari-English dictionary, published in 2014. All resources we are publishing in 2017 are possible thanks to a generous grant by the Kone Foundation (www.koneensaatio.fi/en/).

Stay tuned!

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