Fonts - Windows

Once you have downloaded the font or fonts in the .zip files, extract them. You can do this by right-clicking on a .zip file, and choosing the appropriate option.

You can add fonts through your Control Panel, which you can access through your Start Menu. Depending on your layout options, you might find it here:

Classic Start Menu

Or here:

New Start Menu

You now need to access the Fonts folder. Depending on your system and layout, these might be in different places. Here is one possible view:

Fonts - Old View

In a second possible view, you have to first click the Appearances and Themes button:

Appearances and Themes

One can access the Fonts section through the next menu.

Fonts - New View

In the Fonts folder, one can choose to install new fonts through the File menu.

Install Fonts

In the window that appears, navigate to the location in which you unzipped the fonts. Note that your fonts might be in a subfolder of this folder if you cannot find them at once.

Install Fonts

Once the fonts in this folder are all detected, press the "Select All" button.

Select All

Click "OK", and you should be done.

If you wish to remove fonts you have installed, simply activate them in the Fonts folder, right-lick, and choose the "Delete" option.

Deleting Fonts
Last update:10 July 2014