Adding the Mari Letters to your Russian Keyboard - Windows

[Download Mari-Russian Keyboard Layout]

Download the .zip file in the link above and extract it. You can do this by right-clicking on a .zip file, and choosing the appropriate option. Open the file "setup.exe". Once the installation is complete, the following window will appear:

Installation Complete

The keyboard layout will be installed at this point, but you still need to tell your computer to actually use it. To do this, open your computer's control panel through your Start Menu. Depending on your layout options, you might find it here:

Classic Start Menu

Or here:

New Start Menu

You now need to access the Regional and Language Options. Depending on your system and layout, these might be in different places. Here is one possible view:

Classic Regional and Language Settings

A second possible view:

New Regional and Language Settings

After choosing "Date, Time, Language and Regional Options" in this layout, one must now choose "Regional and Language Options".

New Regional and Language Settings 2

In the Regional and Language options, choose the "Languages" Tab. Here, click the "Details…" button.


Here you will see an overview of the keyboard layouts installed on your machine.

Installed Layouts

You should have two different Russian keyboard layouts installed at this point. This will just confuse you and your computer. Remove the old Russian layout by clicking it, and clicking the "Remove" button.

If you wish to reverse this step, and go back to using a standard Russian keyboard layout, you can do this through the very same menu, by clicking the "Add" button. A list of available keyboard layouts will appear. Choose Russian from the list of options given.

Input Language

If you wish to completely uninstall the Mari keyboard layout, making it impossible to access it through this menu, you can do this through the Control Panel, through "Add and Remove Programs". This option can either be found here:

Classic Add or Remove Programs

Or here:

Classic Add or Remove Programs

Once you have found this panel, pick the keyboard layout on the alphabetically sorted list of software installed on your machine (It will be sorted under "Mari – [….]"), and click "Remove".

Classic Add or Remove Programs
Last update:10 July 2014