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Reading Hill Mari Through Meadow Mari

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Hill Mari, the second literary standard of Mari, is used by less than 10% of Mari native speakers, but is nonetheless the working language of a vibrant culture and literature that has to date been largely inaccessible to outsiders due to a dearth of teaching and reference materials.

Our book “Reading Hill Mari through Meadow Mari” aims to reduce the linguistic isolation of Hill Mari by giving students and scholars who have a working knowledge of Meadow Mari (the dominant literary standard of Mari, which is accessible via various materials on our website), a contrastive overview of the two literary standards, focusing on systematic differences in phonology and morphology. This approach enables them to utilize their knowledge of Meadow Mari to read Hill Mari texts as well.

The book also contains four trilingual (Hill Mari, Meadow Mari, English) reading texts, allowing users to practice their newly acquired skills, and a comprehensive trilingual glossary covering the vocabulary used in the book.

If you wish to cite this work in a scientific publication, we suggest the following reference, adapted to the formatting of your bibliography:

Krasnova, Nadezhda; Riese, Timothy; Yefremova, Tatiana; Bradley, Jeremy 2017. Reading Hill Mari Through Meadow Mari. [Release 1.0] Vienna: University of Vienna. [published online at rhm.mari-language.com]

Last update: 26 June 2024