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About Us

Project Initiators

Jeremy Bradley
Timothy Riese

Content Providers

Elina Guseva Elina Guseva is a senior lecturer at Mari State University in Yoshkar-Ola. As a native Mari fluent in English, with experience as a teacher of both English and Mari, her contributions to the Mari-English dictionary as a lexicographer and editor were of essential importance.
Emma Yakimova and Galina Krylova Emma Yakimova and Galina Krylova are native speakers of Mari and experienced language teachers. They granted permission for the rewriting of their 1990/1991 textbook Марийский язык для всех and were actively involved in this process. Their voices can also be heard in the audio materials accompanying the textbook.
Tatiana Yefremova
Julia Kuprina Julia Kuprina is a native speaker of Hill Mari, and an experienced translator and lexicographer. She is participating in the creation of our Hill Mari-Meadow Mari-English dictionary.
Nadezhda Krasnova Nadezhda Krasnova is a native speaker of Hill Mari, an experienced linguist, and has since 2013 been the head of the Department of Intercultural Communication at Mari State University. She will be one of the co-authors of our resource “Reading Hill Mari through Meadow Mari”.

Consultants and Other Helpers

Johanna Laakso
Sirkka Saarinen
Elena Skribnik
Erik Yuzykayn, Andrey Chemyshev and Mikhail Pirogov Erik Yuzykayn, Andrey Chemyshev and Mikhail Pirogov are, respectively, employees of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Mari El, Mari El Radio, and the Komi Republican Academy of State Services and Administration. They aided us in obtaining digital copies of raw materials needed for our undertakings and the rights to use them.
Tatiana Perevozchikova Tatiana Perevozchikova was a PhD student at the University of Hamburg. She assisted us with the Russian translation of the website.
Angelika Parfuss and Ilona Soukup Angelika Parfuss and Ilona Soukup are graduates of the Finno-Ugric Department of the University of Vienna who have assisted the project by digitizing essential materials.

Last update: 10 August 2023